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Policy Sun Safety

At LCL we appreciate the importance of sun protection and want our children to enjoy the sun safely. We will work with staff and parents to achieve this by :

• Reminding children about sun safety through regular discussions .
• Providing additional shade during hot weather.
• Ensuring activities are set up to encourage children to play under shade during hot weather.
• Requesting that parents supply their own labelled bottle of suncream and a sunhat.
• Asking parents to apply suncream to their children at the beginning of the day.
• Ensuring children re-apply their suncream, as appropriate, during the day.
• Actively encouraging children to wear a hat whenever playing outside in hot weather.
• We will have a bottle of Factor 50 suncream and spare hats FOR emergencies.

Reviewed April 2021 by Jane O'Keefe, manager 

Please Download Sun Safety Policy Here