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A Typical Day

What to expect during a day at our club 

We generally follow a simple yet flexible routine for the day as follows: 


8-9am- Optional breakfast clubCereals and fruit followed by free choice activities. 

9am- Remaining children arrive and are marked in the register. 

 A wide range of free choice activities are always available Games, books, small world play and construction toys in the main room with non-stop arts, crafts and themed role play in the back room. Team games at our football table are also available.Our child led approach means that children are also able to instigate their own  group activities such as indoor den building, plays and talent shows. 

10.30am approx-  Tidy up, hand wash and healthy snack of fruit and breadsticks prepared by staff. 

11am approx-  Safety talk from Manager followed by walk around the farm to feed the pigs, look for newly born calves in the large cow barn and check on the sheep and chickens. Sometimes we stop to sketch the animals, name some piglets or choose a ‘Cow of the Week’! 

12-12.30pm-  Hand wash and prepare for lunchChildren should bring their own packed lunch with ice pack included. In warm weather we have an outdoor picnic each day followed by games and races. Please note we are a strictly nut-free setting

1.30pm-  Free choice activities 

2.30- 3pm-  Tidy up followed by an outdoor activity such as nature walk, scavenger hunt, blackberry picking, kite flying or den building in the woods. 

3.30pm-   Return to our base for quiet end of day activities before collection at 4pm 

  • Although are staff are fully interactive throughout the day we encourage children to freely choose what activities they do and who they play with. We do not group children by age enabling relaxed family groupings to develop.