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Arrangements for children with SEND


Little Country Lovers welcomes and values all children regardless of special needs or disabilities.

We support children with additional needs and their families in the following ways:

  • Our Registration Form invites parents to share information about their child prior to their first day at the club. If any needs have been identified then the Senco will contact the parent beforehand for more information and if necessary will arrange a meeting. Notes from this meeting will be securely filed.
  • Copies of relevant paperwork such as Individual Support plans will be requested from the family or the Senco of the school the child attends.
  • If an Individual Support plan is deemed necessary, and not available elsewhere, then the Senco will put one in place in consultation with parents. This will be reviewed at the end of each holiday period and adjusted accordingly for the next.
  • If necessary, a risk assessment will be completed and all staff will be briefed on strategies to support the child.
    • If the child has a physical disability then the Senco will meet with parents at the farm to discuss and consider what reasonable adjustments can be made to accommodate the child.


Jane O’Keefe, Senco, Little Country Lovers Holiday Club

Reviewed: September 2021